An American in Holland

Last week Naomi came to stay with us for a while. Because she’s in most of the pictures and this is about her, this blog is in English ;)

So on Saturday the 26th of March our alarmclock went off way too early! It was because we had to be at the airport at 8 in the morning to pick her up. When she finally arrived it turned out her flight wasn’t the best….so we decided to spend the day at home, let her get used to us and our ways :)

On Sunday we had gotten used to eachother and what else can you do in Holland but see flowers? So we were off to the Keukenhof. Not all the flowers were up yet…but there was enough to see and enough to buy. Jamie was having a lot of fun running around with Naomi too. Despite the fact that they speak different languages, they really found eachother :)

The rest of the week we spent a day at Ikea (uhm…yes….a typical Dutch thing to do…Hey, breakfast is only 1 euro!)…, shopping, driving around Holland, more shopping, went to Volendam, went shopping again….and uh…went shopping :) And as I am 8 months pregnant and Naomi is 5 months pregnant, we spent a lot of time resting and taking naps too ;) One night we painted Eastereggs on my and Jamie’s belly :) At Easter my parents came over and we had dinner….I don’t know if this caused Naomi to be sick the next day….I hope not….but she was.

This morning I took her to the airport so she could go back to her son and husband…I hope she had a good time…Norman, we’ll see you again in 8 years babe! ;)

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